NGUYEN THANH Art composed
  • Abstract
    The inspiration started in 2016. On a high-rise building in the busy city of Saigon, the artist got his inspiration while sipping a cup of coffee. Upon his sight, appeared a blue sky and underneath, a winding river where The Saigon New Town expanded along to reach a quiet evening. The evening's breeze felt gentle and the sunlight was warm. The moment has given inspiration to the artist to put his vision into art.
  • Landscape
    The idea came to life in 2004. Influenced by Monet. In 2003, the artist visited the countryside of Saigon on a vacation trip. By a summer evening, on a quiet lake, a farmer was sitting in his boat fishing under a willow. The whole peaceful landscape appeared upon our eyes. It brings a relaxing feeling and a sense of serenity.
  • Figurative
    The idea has started in 2008. Influenced by Van Gogh. New Year's Eve is a moment of passage from this year to a new one. All are looking for a new light. A new future. All is praying for the best to come. Light will be with us all.
  • Floral
    In 2006 the artist went to Dalat, a poetic city in Vietnam with its vivid colorful nature. Indeed, the city's nature and flowers are endless subjects for many poets and artists. At the end of his vacation, he saw a space of shimmering color, a beautiful drawing created by men and given by Nature. It brings life and peace into the artist's soul.
  • Traditional subject
    Student life is the period of pure joy and happiness. We remembered the days seating in class, the wonderful moments spent together with our friends, and the beatiful summers we were wandering around. The images are like floating in our mind, The charming image of Áo Dài is appearing, disappearing and appearing again in our memory. It is incredibly attractive.
  • other genres
  • Symphony
  • Memories