Nguyen Thanh Gallery was established on October 1999 by artist Nguyen Thanh.
The gallery was opened for learning experiences from others for young artists in Viet Nam, other countries in Southest Asia and all over the world.
Beside that, the gallery also makes picture frames, art designing and consulting for restaurants, bars, hotels,… The gallery had consulted for Continental Hotel, Majestic Hotel, New World Hotel,…

- April 2018, Exhibition in London, UK.

- August 2018, Exhibition in London, UK.

- March 2019 Exhibition in London, UK.

- October 2019 Exhibition in London, UK.

Especially, artist Nguyen Thanh and other artists usually participate in charity exhibitions. In 2004, artist Nguyen Thanh had donated some painting for an Australia’s charity (The Australian disabled children charity in Vietnam)
For your contributions, Nguyen Thanh gallery thanks to all customers had supported and created chances for the growing of the gallery.