Nguyen Thanh Gallery was established in October 1999 by artist Nguyen Thanh.

 The Nguyen Thanh gallery represents young painters and artists who have made a name for themselves. This is a place for exchange and art activities for artists. The Nguyen Thanh gallery has regularly organized exhibitions for artists and introduced works to the public in the country and around the world. Has participated in decorating consulting: Continental Hotel, Bong Sen Hotel, Grand Hotel, Catina Hotel, New World Hotel, Majestic Hotel, ...


Expressing my sincere thanks to you.

Exhortation is the best medicine and it’s very important for us, especially with art and with other social fields in general. Exhortation stimulates promotion, the best development for individuals and society.

I would like to express my deepest thanks to those who love art in the country and around the world – Customers who constantly supporting  me on the long way of composing art. That great encouragement was carved into the heart of me, as well as continuing on the path of creating art

First of all, I’d like to thank my family, my dearest wife and my beloved children as well as artists, co-workers and fellow friends, Vietnam Television, Ho Chi Minh City Television, journalists, galleries. Australian Red Cross, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Red Cross, Continental Hotel, Grand Hotel, Bong Sen Hotel, Cantina Hotel, New World Hotel, Magetis ...

Sincere thanks to all gentlemen, ladies, collectors, billionaires, scientists, professors, and doctors ... All the art lovers in Viet Nam and around the world for supporting Nguyen Thanh's works as well as other artists at the gallery.

Thanks Mrs/Mr: Jaegyun Kim, Johanna, Susane, Jonhan, Andrew, Ronaldo, Lynn-Tabot, Jolie, Dang, Jenab Khan, Glenn- SuSan, Mantin, Yeo- Lilian, Azorin, Cook, Rick, Daniel, Adam, Coen, Ben, Lien, Hoo, Mackenzie, Paterson, Degroot, Marini, Hovell, Woodward, Cook Mcles-Stanly, Dr Gorman,Fjorge, Morton, Alvarez, Lemieux, Sharif, Sawhney,  Wallace, Von Hagen, E .Becker,  Mr Jrost, R.Chin,  A.Barber, Welker,  Drummond, Y.Maeda, Robinson, Estrella, J .Standish,

Kyllafu, Fhyland, M.Said, Amy Hashim, Me S .Kaur, Susan Schultz, Balbi Godwin, G .Kurkul, E.Garner, H. Malik, R. Mosand,  S.Akwaboah, Hansson, Parkeun Kwan, Tan-Lili, K.Fernie, B.Scharrer, Jean – Yves, Mahar,  Blay, R.Elhence, S .Nojima,  S.Kent, Hạnh, Lan, Huy, An, Duy Trinh, Thủy, Thuy, Thu Minh, Ngọc Minh, Huy Đỗ,Hoang Thanh, Mai Cong, Marcel Go, Mortazavy, Moss, Kah Meng, Meles-Staly, Neff, Fjorge, Alvarez, N.Kvotova- Bolshakov, Lemieux, Lien , Duc, A.Barber, Trinh Quan, Kaur,Prakasha,Susan,Schultz, Balbi Godwin, Tan-Lily.Mahar, R.Elhence…

With all sincerity, I want to express my appreciation again to you all, ladies and gentlemen. Words just can’t describe how thankful I am to have you all supporting my art work. If there are any shortcomings, please forgive me.

Artist Nguyen Thanh.